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107 Cormack Rd, Wingfield, South Australia

Company Overview

Welding Equipment Sales & Service (W.E.S.S.) is the trading name for Global Welding Technologies Group Pty. Ltd., the largest Independent Welding Distribution Business in South Australia and is 100% Australian owned. W.E.S.S. also forms part of the Pacific Welding Alliance, (PWA) the largest independent industrial welding distribution group in Australia.

We serve our large customer base via a 2800 sq. metre facility with showroom, warehouse and workshop facilities located in Wingfield, South Australia. We also provide a field Service/Repair fleet and field sales representatives covering metropolitan Adelaide and major South Australia rural regions. Soon we will further expand our reach with a leading online ecommerce platform. We specialise in everything related to Cutting/Welding and Metal Fabrication. It's what we do and we do it all - Sales, Service, Hire and Repair for all major industry brands and provide the expertise to back it all up.

We partner with major industry end customers to provide cutting edge, best practice solutions from our global network to drive improved safety, quality, productivity and efficiency. Equally we cater for smaller customers such as mechanical contractors, the rural farming community and the home handyman seeking products and technical advice.

At W.E.S.S. we believe in carrying stock and plenty of it, with the largest range of brands and products in South Australia at every price point to suit the diverse individual needs of our customers. It's our business to provide solutions with expert independent advice and deliver value added products and services to our customers, no job is too big or small. We strive to deliver the best solution for the job, with the best products, quality and price in South Australia with expert advice, back-up and ongoing support.

Company Mission

As the largest independent welding distributor in South Australia, we are committed to partnering with industry to provide expert independent advice and deliver value added products and services.

We strive to enhance and develop our industry, leading the way forward into the next great industrial 4.0 revolution to a safer, smarter, digitalised, connected world.

We will distinguish ourselves through an unwavering commitment to our employees and a relentless drive to simplify and demystify the art and science of welding.

We are environmentally responsible, promoting higher efficiency inverter technologies and reduced fume generating products.

Our Promise

  • To put our customers first, deliver the best overall cost-effective solution 
  • To drive technical innovation and global best practices to deliver high value solutions
  • Be a leading industry 4.0 solution provider, at the cutting-edge driving quality, productivity and efficiency
  • To reach out and partner to deliver mutual success
  • To be Environmentally Responsible

Our Values & Principles

Customer 1st

  • At the centre of everything we do
  • Quality - Deliver the best overall solution at the best price
  • Simplify - Be easy to do business with Exceeded Expectations

Dependable & Committed:

  • Stand behind everything we do.
  • Commitment for the long term - highs and lows, to our staff, customers and our welding industry

Integrity & Trust:

  • Trustworthy and honorable, do the right thing
  • Integrity, loyalty, commitment


  • Porous boundaries, accessible, collaborative, transparent
  • Transfer knowledge insight into technologies, processes and applications

Passionate & Enthusiastic:

  • Passionate about our industry & eager for success
  • Open to new ideas, optimistic

Forward Thinking/Creative:

  • Leading Innovation, disruptive, game changing new products and solutions
  • Always one step ahead, demystifying the art and science of welding

Environmentally Responsible

We strive to be environmentally responsible by reworking older scrapped equipment that can be reused as scrap metal and by promoting the most efficient technologies that consume the least power to support lower carbon emissions. Filler metals, we promote lower fume solutions, reducing emissions but even more importantly protecting the health and safety of our welding industry operators.

Our Track Record

We started nearly 40 years ago supporting local industry, growing today to be the biggest Independent Welding Distributor in South Australia and part of the biggest independent group in Australia. We are passionate about our welding industry and our customers, striving to support and develop all by driving the latest global best practices for welding safety, quality, productivity and efficiency improvements. We are well positioned to support your business needs.
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